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If you are intending to get involved in Italian life or business, it is essential to use a legal consultant in order to reduce the likelihood of legal action and the associated costs. At present the Italian legal system requires the observance of huge numbers of laws and regulations as well as the collection of documents and the execution of unavoidable formalities.

This office operates in the following areas:


  • Assistance with buying a property, with a clear explanation of the requirements of the Italian legal system, the possible tax implications and any eventualities that may have a bearing on the purchase, ensuring a lawful, safe and secure transfer.

  • Help and advice in signing the mortgage agreements that often accompany the purchase of a property and its renovation.

  • Assistance with agreements regarding the use of the property, i.e. land leases to farmers, urban flat rentals, commodatum (gratuitous leases of land or buildings).

  • Assistance with the execution of separation or divorce agreements and orders ruled by foreign authorities concerning the transfer of assets located in Italy.

  • Drawing up of agency agreements or contracts.

  • Advice in taking legal action or defending civil suits.


  • Assistance in setting up in business as sole trader, craftsman or independent farmer.

  • Help with setting up partnerships or companies based in Italy, in conformity with the legal requirements of Italy and other countries.

  • Advice in taking legal action or defending commercial suits.


  • Analysis and advice relating to the civil and commercial aspects of the combined enforcement of the regulations of Italy and other countries, and the legal issues pertaining to international relationships.


  • Assistance in drawing up wills that comply with the laws of Italy and other countries. In most cases an Italian will is the only means by which properties located in Italy can be registered in the names of the heirs quickly, safely and without encumbrance.

  • Assistance in making an Italian inheritance tax return to the competent tax office in fulfilment of the fiscal, technical and cadastral formalities connected with the inheritance of Italian property.

  • Assistance and advice with the management of hereditary estates and distribution operations.


  • Assistance in the drawing up of contracts regarding licences, assignments, trademarks, other distinguishing marks and intellectual property.

This office can also assist with:

  • Obtaining residency permits for EU citizens (Carte di Soggiorno), or for non-EU citizens (Permessi di Soggiorno).

  • Applying for a codice fiscale (tax code), your Italian fiscal identity, and all the other documents and certificates required for the bureaucratic side of Italian daily life.

  • Obtaining the documents necessary to avail of the Italian health service.

  • Opening bank accounts and setting up direct debits.

  • Arranging for the registration of the legal title to your property to ensure the supply of utilities (electricity, water, gas and telephone).

  • Opening a post office box in a local post office so that your post is delivered safely.

  • Arranging contact with accountants to help you calculate any state or local taxes you might need to pay.

  • Organising the papers required for entry to kindergartens, schools or universities.